19Jan23:59VisionskulturFreitag - 24:00

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Techno & House

For our next Humboldthain session on 19th January, we put focus on faster shades of tribal and hypnotic techno.

Manta will warm-up with selections of dub-infused percussive techno, steering up the bpm for Carmen Electro to take over with with her signature vinyl cuts of old-school tribal and modern groove.

Afterwards, RQVX deepens the sounds with their infectious mix of psychedelic techno, fusing dark and funky melodies. Finally, Kosmovision and Loutouse will close with hypnotising and uplifting tech-trance old and new.

Upstairs, Qualia Trax and BLVSH’s Triqi will lighten your mood and challenge your booty with disco, funk, acid and house with driving and broken grooves.

We strive to be inclusive through affordable entry prices and are actively working to prevent harm and any form of violence or aggression by providing our own awareness team with a zero tolerance policy to racism, ableism, fascism, queer- and transphobia, sexism and patriarchal flexing.

Visionskultur’s club nights are focused on music, dance, community and cultural exchange. We are non-profit and consist of a diverse range of individuals working in the background to facilitate energising and relaxing club spaces.

CARMEN ELECTRO Carmen Electro is a Finnish DJ whose burning passion for music has led her on a journey of self-discovery. More than just a DJ project, Carmen Electro represents an ideology of embracing discomfort, seeking new experiences, connecting with others, and channeling creativity and positive energy into personal hedonism and spreading happiness to those around her. For Carmen Electro, techno on vinyl is the perfect medium to live out this ideology. With a love for the underground sound that began 10 years ago, she now contributes to the contemporary club techno scene by curating selections that range from old-school tribal to modern groove, while also incorporating playful hints of early tech house, house, and trance.

RQVX RQVX is an upcoming techno DJ and producer born in Pakistan and raised in Germany. RQVX is known for rippling, psychedelic and percussive sounds. By infusing tribal and jungle to dark and funky melodies, RQVX connects a variety of electronic music genres for the audience to rave within. Mixing sounds from different spectrums while keeping it groovy is RQVX’s strong suit and has placed them at events, such as Gegen Berlin, Tresor New Faces and Golosa to name a few. In 2023, RQVX established an anti-discrimination community and event platform named XHUMANS. It’s inception took place in Frankfurt’s growing FREUD Club. Now, residing in Berlin with the wish to spread wings internationally.

***As always, please send us a DM for soli tix.

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