12Okt18:00Humbi Kult Session #22Donnerstag - 19:00

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„House music is a universal language, spoken and understood by all.“ 

*Excerpt from “Can you feel it” by Fingers Inc. & Robert Owens (1988)

Welcome to Humbi Kult Session#22 “House Nation“

This week we take a look at House Music and its message , importance for the electronic music culture. As we celebrate these tunes week in week out, we take a step back and forth at its history, current state and future of tunes that are way more than a movement for over 40 years now.

We start early at 19:00 with a Soundgarden Set. The Boy from Paris and our very own Party Resident DJ Yemi is back this Thursday for a groovy house set in the Soundgarden. Brace yourself for a journey through hypnotic and subtle rhythms designed to ensnare the senses, showcasing the sound of his newly founded label „Minimal Requirements.“

Phonatic takes over the Main Floor at 21:00. Regular Berlin Party People will know and recognize him for his contribution to the Berlin Sound over the last years. As a regular DJ at the Golden Gate, About Blank and “Zur Klappe” he invites at his own regular fabulous party event “Headroom” every couple of months, great DJs and Producers from e.g XDB to Sascha Funke or Suba recently. He is very much looking forward showing us some of his great House Collection and we are very happy to welcome him again.

DJ Einkaufswagen, will keep his Trolley at home this time and showcase another part of his “Fertigkeiten” as a superb Vinyl DJ and his Visual Artist Project Hooptedoodles.

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