23Feb23:00Blade RunnerzFreitag - 23:00

Event Details

House / Ghetto Tech

This February 23rd, Humboldthain Club transforms into a fierce battleground of Ghetto Tech, Bass and House, when we return with our 7th edition of BLADE RUNNERZ! We tasted blood!

Get ready for a gritty, hard-hitting escapade into the darker, meaner streets of electronic music. Featuring the formidable talents of Cyan85, DJ Pirna, and Yungfya, this night is set to be a relentless assault on the senses.

Each beat, a gut-punch of rhythm; each drop, a dive into the abyss of bass; each track, a nod to the gritty spirit of Berlin’s underground.

Open Doors 11pm

Artwork by @liss_bad