Sa. 11.01.2020

Maturre Takeover Humboldthain

Start: 23:59 Uhr

/Nu decade and first Maturre label night @ Humboldthain !

* Elen Huynh is a great music digger, collecting a large range of all sort of sounds, and mixing them to create fantastic stories. She’s resident at LYL radio where she hosts her show ‘Choses Contraires’ (https://lyl.live/show/choses-contraires/).

* Vonverhille, Octopus musician, DJ & visual artist, founder of Maturre label and co-founder of Gr_und artist run space in Berlin.

* Poperttelli is the right-arm of the label. At the end of 2019, he has dropped an album on Lost Dogs Entertainment, a non-touristic journey thru eastern europa. https://lostdogsentertainment.bandcamp.com/album/dogtape-vol-6-tourists-go-home

Elen Huynh [Choses Contraires // LYL]

Vonverhille [Maturre]

Poperttelli [Maturre // LOST DOGS Entertainment]

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