Start: 23:00 Uhr

Christ went to Heaven, we are going down!
Welcome 2 the underground!

We are really happy that DNAonDNA is coming to our first Berlin Event!
We had him as a guest in Bremen already some weeks ago. Beside being such a sweet guy, he knows how to rave properly.
Releases on Strictly Strictly, Heteroerotic Asphyxiation and Silver Dollar Club speak for themselves.
Expect heavy pumping breaks.

But that’s not all. Dogpatrol is joining this crazy rave masterclass as well.
Beside releasing on various labels like Black Orpheus, Schwarz12 and of course on Steady Work By Dear Friends, he is one of Mannheim & Heidelbergs finest. His event series named Kancho leaves us always astonished about guests he is inviting. From Florian Kupfer over Madteo to many more. Prepare for pure fire!

Shouts to our (sadly) lost EU member, the UK! Osc Kins is coming over from east London. His weekly radio show at Vandelay Radio is heard from us regularly. Mayhem electro cuts and mixing skills will not let you unpleased. Beside that Oscar is also producing killer tunes with deep breaks. Shake it or Fake it!!

Last but not least: If you have ever witnessed a Ray Monero Set on a bad-ass P.A. you probably know the deal. MAYHEM. Get ready for savage ghetto tek by one of Bremen‘s most diligent DJs. Throwing hot raves alongside DJ Assault, Mixmup and many more.

DNAONDNA(Strictly Strictly, Silver Dollar Club – Bielefeld)

DOGPATROL (SWBDF, Black Orpheus – Mannheim)

OSC KINS (Vandelay Radio – London)

RAY MONERO (Kein Rauch Ohne Feuer, DR. RAVE – Bremen)

Beside this awesome Maximum rave lineup we got even more:

KNSTK is co-running the Steady Work By Dear Friends label and pushing the infamous Rhein-Neckar underground scene for years and should be well known for his originating Dubstep raves in Highdelberg back in the early 2000‘s. Fiya!

Also joining will be our beloved homeboys of Rhizomatique with one of their notorious live sets! Their mix of experimental house, jazz, soul and funk is always a mad crowd pleaser.

And we still keep on going! As part of an Bremen based DIY collective and part time resident for Phuture, FLCS will join us this time with a range of oldschool flavored House music.

Last but again for sure not least: Eckhaus is Part of the Kein Rauch Ohne Feuer Crew. Also known as the master of the prize wheel, his disco and house sets are not only known in Hannover. Bounce that shit!

KNSTK (SWBDF – Heidelberg)

RHIZOMATIQUE (Rhizomat – Berlin, Dresden)

FLCS (KH, Phuture – Bremen)

ECKHAUS (KROF – Hannover)

Small advice: Come early and avoid long queues or a full location.


We all just want to have a good time. So please respect & take care of each other.
If you witness any kind of invasive and or disrespectful behavior don’t hesitate and contact our team.