Sa _ 16.03.2019
Dreams Of Neon

Alfred Ladylike & Surf Dancer (live)
Toni Clarke

Start: 23Uhr

Dreams of Neon and Humboldthain Club present:

Alfred Ladylike & Surf Dancer *LIVE

Toni Clarke (Das Zündet, Humboldthain)
Forehard (Inceptum Records, Vortex Traks)
Lazercat (Bordello A Parigi)
Blender (TISSUE Magazine, Humboldthain)
Poperttelli (Maturre)
Undermind (Humboldthain)
Naks (Vortex Traks, Humboldthain)

Alfred Ladylike is a Patreon-powered ukulele songstress, banging out witty little ditties and juicy folktronica jams for queer nerds, alien weirdos, and anyone else who enjoys theatrical performances with soulful vocals. Her quirky songs are personal, sometimes downright lewd, and abounding with wordplay and wizardry. Alfred toured Europe in 2017 with Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel, and acted as the frontwoman of uke rock band Donut Heart.

Surf Dancer is a cosmic synth warrior who is perpetually stuck in the 80s spacetime vortex. His music draws inspiration from a wide spectrum of styles ranging from electro-funk to italo disco and oddball synthpop, all mixed up with a twisted sense of humor. He has released songs on Bordello a Parigi and ZYX, appeared in the critically acclaimed Italo Disco Legacy documentary and toured much of central Europe, beating his audience into a manic dance frenzy wherever he goes.

The new super-duo now joins forces to whisk you away on a danceable emotional journey into sexy weirdness.