Fr _ 07.12.18
Bitterfeld Musik & Maturre Label Night

Guido Möbius
Fr Fels
DJ Dugong
Marius Reisser
Willis Anne

Start um 23 uhr


Bitterfeld is back for another invasion into the capitol! We´re bringing back the east-german drive into the dull boredom of Berlin´s nightlife. Expect everything that the foundation of the Bitterfeldian dancefloor is made off: Electro, Acid, Breakbeat, Industrial and a love for experimentation.

This time our partner in crime perfoming live on stage is none less than Guido Möbius. Listeners who have come in contact with the music of Guido Möbius solely through his album releases are in for surprise when they attend one of the Berlin-based musician’s gigs. That is mainly due to the fact that Möbius makes no attempt whatsoever to translate the album tracks into a live performance.
On the contrary: With the help of no more than his guitar, his voice, a trumpet and loads of effect pedals, he creates highly energetic music in between humour and hypnosis. Another element that
makes his performances so special is his spontanous
interaction with the audience. Möbius always invites chance to be his accomplice. On stage Guido Möbius is surrounded by his serially connected effects units that he controls as if in
a trance. Every step in the creation of his music is public: When Möbius activates one of his pedals, the audience are a witness to this process and its result. Nothing is mysteriously conceived behind laptopscreens. Möbius‘ music happens before his audiences‘ very eyes (and ears). This accounts for a large part of the fascination of his performances. The other (and maybe even greater) part results from the twist and turns his music takes, which never fails to surprise the audience.
In his live sets Möbius creates delicate links betw
een experimentation, handmade techno, funk, polyrhythmic patterns, acid, weird noises and gospel music. Methodically prepared passages and improvisation combine into a coherent set, and Möbius deals with the energy on the fly. Failures and
restarts are constant companions and sources of inspiration. At times, Möbius piles up loops of vocal-,
trumpet- or guitar-sounds into a mighty drone whose
gravity is interrupted abruptly by a driving beat or
a gospel choir. It’s different every time.

After moving from Australia to Leipzig roughly 2 years ago Carmel founded the the label R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings from the record pressing plant of the same name he also co-founded and co-runs the label Bitterfeld with Marius Reisser. He has released records on labels such as Lobster Theremin sublabel Pacific Command and Australia’s Good Company as 1/2 of prodution duo, Senate and recently released a solo record on Lobster Theremin under the Carmel’moniker.

Almost two decades of Berlin club experience is resonating in Marius Reisser’s sets and attending one of them reveals the nuances that make the difference between a DJ and a DJ. What makes him a truly legendary member of the Berlin music scene is his his devotion to sonic excellence as a disc jockey, live musician, concert promoter, label boss, record shop owner and radio presenter offering a spectrum that ranges from all forms of what people call Electro, Bass Music, twisted Techno and House to Hiphop, Disco, Psychedelia and Ambient.
Since 1998, he has been playing and promoting in Berlin locations some of which are legendary, some renamed, some removed and a few even gone.
His activity in the Berlin underground music scene is well known: now owning and operating his label Bitterfeld Musik (which he runs together with DJ Carmel) and back in the days running the defunct Dense Record Shop.
He has performed live concerts and released his own productions under the alias Disscoxx, in the process, remixing artists such as Hecq (aka Ben Lukas Boysen / Hymen Records, 2009) and collaborating with Frank Bretschneider on his Super.Trigger album (Raster-Noton 2013). Reisser reserved his third tongue twisting pseudonym Ohboygeorgemichaeljacksonpollock for Djing at the legendary Birthday Party Berlin series that he used to run together with rave and internet TV-mogul Jason Forrest amongst others. For a while Reisser has been hosting the radio show Dense FM (and later Sense FM) on Berlin´s Twen FM presenting music together with changing guests.