Do _ 06.12.18
Frontsession Collective

Jazz Orchestra
Collective Electronic

Start um 20:30 Uhr

The Frontsession Collective is a dynamic and musically adventurous group of musicians and songwriters from the city of Aarhus in Denmark.

This evening we present three acts: Frontsession Collective SongWriting, Frontsession Collective Jazz Orchestra, and Frontsession Collective Electronic

21: Frontsession Collective Jazz Orchestra:
The band contains 8 young talented musicians, and band guru Morten Klit, on trombone. We have been playing together since August this year, which has given us experience as a band, and in jazz music in general. We have gone through a period of sharing knowledge about writing music, which has given each of us a solid foundation in composing and arranging. Each member has contributed with our own song, that springs from jazz, but shows each members personal style, in both lyrics and genre. This has created a wide range of exotic music, combining jazz with soul, blues, funk, and samba.

22: Frontsession Songwriters
The songwriters of the group perform and write songs within a varied line of genres. Throughout the past half year, the musicians have been focused on writing new material and arranging these songs in new constellations. You will hear everything from straight pop bangers to experimental indie.

23: Frontsession Collective Electronic
Here is a chance to experience the sounds of a young group of Danish electronic musicians, who bring in wholesome atmospheres and deep vibes you can dance and dive into. A mix of drums, percussive and melodies will
blast your ears away and guarantee for a great evening!