Sa _ 08.09.2018
Disco Dystopia

Reuse (Humboldthain)
KT Zentrum (Humboldthain)
Knetsche (Plötzlich)
Art Lapinsch
Dj Rotwein b2b Phil
DJ Almost Famous

Humboldthain Club x Disko Dystopia
Lineup 7Eck – Humboldhain Residents & Friends:

Reuse (Humboldthain)
Knetsche (Plötzlich)
TBA… (krass)

Lineup Goldstube – Disko Dystopia:

Imagine a place that is dominated by the Disko. Nothing else than Disco and House tunes will take you to the dance floor and make you to shake your body through the night. Wether you want it or not, it’s Disko Dystopia, so better dance.

/// Art Lapinsch ///

“Not constrained to a particular genre. Spinning the tunes that I like.” 1/2 of PKHM RIOT.

/// Dj Almost Famous ///

Straight from the 80s he’s bringing the Disco tunes and Funkyshirts back on the dancefloors. Still not a star, but Almost Famous.

/// Dj Rotwein B2B Phil OG ///

Dj Rotwein and Phil OG are two upcoming djs who are always hungry diging for their next bomb. they started an year ago a new party in hannover where they are trying to spread the gospel of house. Dj Rotwein is also one of the main figures at berlin bass collective.
You can expect from them a journey from disco thought nigerian boogie over early house and maybe even some spicy electro.