Fr _ 31.08.2018
Grrrlz Power

Jana Falcon

Start 23Uhr


Boobs are not Noobs

Equality is not simply having a special night for female Djs . Clearly, there are way more parties with men-only line ups : it seems that sexism is not an everyday fight for everybody so let’s push the scene in a positive and more balanced direction…

It’s not just about “have a pussy and claim it”;
It’s about being yourself and gaining the respect that you deserve for all your hard work.
It’s about how talented you are with or without makeup or body hair.
Because it’s another sensitivity
Because we want to help each other
Because we love sharing our experience

let’s celebrate creativity, let’s fight norms

The night gonna start at 11PM with an introduction Talk on the theme “Evolve as woman into Electronic Music industry”.
During this time we gonna interview artists of the night on their journey and feeling about it .
Then we will open the discussion to the audience, for question or other Views.

Special entrance fees for people who arrive from 23:00 to 00:00