Fr – 08.06.2018
Plast Sick

Manuela Mayoral
Danielle Arielli
Herr’N Los
Mamma Tehrani
Dynamic Range

Start: 21:00 Uhr

Plast-Sick … Plastic Sea Sickness …
8th June 2018>>>>>> UN World Oceans Day

Plastic for decks, not for Oceans!

Everyday everyone wastes incredible amounts of plastic which end up floating in the ocean. In millions of years, there will still be a layer of plastic coating the planet. We’ve sure made an impact!

Lets be aware of it.
June 8, music and art come together to remind us we can all do better – after all, techno is a futuristic movement and we must take action.

Come early!
The garden will be open from 7pm for a TGIF sundown-philanthropy extravaganza, curated by Sunday Club. There will be food on sale, the proceeding of which will go to an Ocean Conservation NGO.

We’ve got a lot going on this day, with Recycled Art performance by Ren Drotzer and VJ by the wicked Lucid LAB lads, and a kick-ass line-up:

**** Garden from 9pm *****
TGIF sundown-philanthropy Extravaganza
Curated by Sunday Club
♥ nice music , vegan snacks ♥

>>>All night recycled painting performance by Ren Drotzer<<< **** Goldstube from 10pm **** ~ Manuela Mayoral (Same Bitches) https://www.mixcloud.com/manuela-mayoral-becker/ ~ DANIELLE ARIELLI https://soundcloud.com/danielle-arielli ~ Herr'N Los https://soundcloud.com/herrnlos ~ Mamma Tehrani https://soundcloud.com/clara-cdt **** Mainfloor from midnight**** ~ Nh https://soundcloud.com/hnnhnhhn ~ MMI https://soundcloud.com/machinemaninterface ~ Dynamic Range https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/dynamicrange ~ Mown https://soundcloud.com/mownofficial ♥ ~~~~~~~~ Bring 1 plastic item to be recycled into art and get 1€ discount at the entrance 😉