Fr – 08.09.2017
Ultimate Dance Music

Mindcenter Mix 94
Bobby Soulo
Es schallert in der Kiste
John von Rubenstein


Start: 23:00h

Humboldthain´s own: GOLD
“Ultimate Dance Music”

MINDCENTER MIX 94 (Ultimate Dance) – European Premiere!
High Voltage Hit-Machine, leaving nothing but sweat & tears on the dancefloor. – All hands up!

Bobby Soulo aka Jakobi 81 (Musicology)
SOULO is a Berlin DJ and Producer.
Coming from a hip hop background he soon dicovered his love for electronic music through acts like Newcleus, Paul Hardcastle or soundtracks like “Beat Street”.
His passion for basslines, grooves and melodies is a trademark of his selections and productions.
Bobby’s club sets rarely consist only of one style but always of one spirit.

Es Schallert in der Kiste (Humboldthain)
No transitions, no compromises – Just Hits, Hits

Sharevari (Humboldthain)
Holder of the highest degree in House Music

John von Rubenstein (Humboldthain)
Out of question, one of the heaviest Disco & House Smasher around.

Feel the Heat, but don´t pull the firealarm!…OK?