Fr – 11.08.2017
Cables of Love:
A Live Modular Party

Laser Bros
Casper Electronics
Luma // Croma
Perpetual Ash
Marius Reisser

cables of love aug 17

Start: 23:00h

Cables of Love

From subtle minimal and classic Techno, House & Acid, roaring noise and gently massaging subs to laser light shows & live visual projections of sound, Cables Of Love with the Humboldthain bring together a diverse range of local, pan-European and international talent for an extravaganza of ear-pleasing and booty shaking pleasure.

With 2 Stages: 1 for Party Dancing, 1 for Experimental, lots of live acts with their various Modular and DIY Synths.

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Laser Bros
casper electronics
Goldwiener & Luma //Chroma
Perpetual Ash (USA)
Marius Reisser

Laser Bros (AT/CZ)
Laser Bros creates a synesthetic experience of beauty by connecting 2D-laser projections and body shaking electric sound waves generated in real time by an analog modular synthesizer. Changing the visual will modify the audible and vice versa.
Laser Bros is a collaboration of Bernhard Rasinger (a.k.a. BR Laser) and Václav Peloušek (a synthesizer inventor at Bastl Instruments).




#instantboner (DE)
What happens if sophisticated modular synthesis meets driving beats? #INSTANTBONER (Johannes Steyer and Matthias Millhoff) are the most ambiguous newcomer to the Berlin club scene. The duo, hailing from Berlin’s Kreuzberg, pulls off a unique and live electronic performance far beyond just playing pre-produced tracks. Abstract electrical and extravagant harmonic tones are combined with repetitive rhythms and driving basses. The audience experiences the creative process and is mesmerized by analog sound and the unusual musical setup. Modular synthesizer components and a computer based drum machine pulsate in rhythm and the electronic orchestra is conducted by knob twisting, button pushing and cable patching.


casper electronics (USA)



Casper Electronics is the live act of Peter Edwards, collaborator and designer from Bastl Instruments who is responsible for magical synths like the SoftPop and BitRanger among many others.

His live sets are built on gnarly waves of feedback distorted and pierced by heavy beats. Dirty tribal grooves can easily turn into fat and rusty industrial 4/4 techno and vice versa. Edwards’ setup is dominated by a flashing light sphere as a galvanizing faux bonfire of the party ritual. There is no border between artist and audience, the crowd just creates one wild dancing beast.


Goldwiener & Luma //Chroma (USA & DE)


Goldwiener is Dr. Wiener and Miss G. aka Luma //Chroma/ on 100% Live Analog Generative Visuals + Vocals.
Representing #ACID, Goldwiener is Berlin’s 1st and only 100% live modular-acid full AV dance party experience: Bootylicious funky acid sounds carried out by heavy bass beatz. All analogue, always playing live.
The connected visuals from Luma //Chroma open a window to another cosmos in which myriads of unidentifiable shaped entities communicate with each other.
After working with Modest Mouse in NYC, Wiener returned to Berlin & begun experimenting with Visualist Luma// Chroma.


Robbertunist (IRE)
Live Modular Synth playing a mellow improvised rhythmic Industrial noise jam.

Robin Burke (aka Robbertunist) plays analog synthesizers & performs live improvised pieces ranging from Drone to Rhythmic Noise with either Modular or DIY synths.



_COAST^ is an improvised exploration of electronic waves with no precise destination.

Sound generation and visual production are built on deeply interconnected layers resulting in an unique and mesmerizing experience. The relationship between the audio and the video – while being perceivable – is not immediately obvious, creating tension throughout the performance.

Immerse youself, as you would gazing at the waves crashing down on the sand trying to understand how each of them shape the coast line.



AtoV (FR)

Mad scientist by day and designer by night AtoV will be debuting his live techno project that bring his prototypes to the stage.



Ashley M Puente as Perpetual Ash (USA)


Ashley M Puente is a performer, improviser, and visual artist on eurorack/electronics who is interested in working with the intersection between rhythms and drones to create a landscape of sound with focus on the background and foreground of the whole picture.. Her music and visual artwork are inspired by the 60’s and 70’s light and space movement that emerged in the West Coast. Her sound records and captures the active nature of light and atmosphere, creating a soundscape of noise and rhythmic patterns, while her visuals trace light both to freeze and animate the capabilities of its endless form


Saumeth (Gastspiel, Progrezo, Triamb)


Saumeth is synonymous of avant-garde music with solid foundations than for over a decade have been carefully built giving him an undeniable faculty to create sublime environments as a visionary artist to follow.

After five years living in the historic and architectonic center of Buenos Aires, where some of his music and art were influenced by the city’s atmosphere and its culture, Saumeth is recently established in Germany between Berlin and Cologne due to the massive support his music productions are having all over Europe, as well as his Ritualism show across the world.

With releases under his belt on well known labels to include Gastspiel Records (Thomas Schumacher, Victor Diaz, Monika Kruse, Tim Xavier, Felix Krocher, Minicoolboyz), High-profile Recordings (Stefano Noferini, Audijack, Hot Since 82), Complex Textures (Matt Sassari, Miro Pajic) and his own imprint Triamb Music along with Aleja Sanchez (Tresor, Nachstrom Schallplatten, Illegal Allien, Sleaze Records), prove Saumeth fingerprint as an undeniable stamp with quality skills not only to perform live but also to produce outstanding music pearls.

Marius Resser (Bitterfeld Records / Humboldthain)

A man of multiple talents and styles. Setting dancefloors on fire at every relevant Berlin Club from Berghain to Bar25. A number of live shows under his Disscoxx moniker took place in 2006/07. The Disscoxx debut EP was released on Stillavailable in 2007.

Known as a DJ, producer, label head, former record shop owner and promoter of some of the most craziest rave parties in Berlin, for the past 10 years, just scratches the surface of this exceptional guy.