Sa – 06.05.2017
Patterns In Disguise / Part 3

DJ Occult
Marius Reisser
Dance with your Enemies

Patterns 3

Start: 23:59 Uhr

Line up:

DJ Occult (Fuji Squad)

Marius Reisser (Stillavailable Records, Humboldthain)

Dance With Your Enemies (Patterns in Disguise)

PATTERNS IN DISGUISE is a series of events focusing on the weirder side of electronic music. Celebrating all things broken in it and laying emphasis on all elements shifted and raw. Exploring global genres and styles and digging deep in niches. Combining old and new forms. Showing no fear of pop, neither of experiments. Having fun to mix that all up and make you dance or make you think. Ideally both.

✔ Grime
✔ Footwork
✔ Juke/Ghetto-Tech/BootyHouse
✔ UK-Garage & 2-Step
✔ Club
✔ Jungle
✔ Dubstep
✔ Global Bass
✔ Modern Rap + R&B
✔ Ambient
✔ Experimental